Residential care

Care Today began in 1991 with a single unit in the Stockport area. Since then it has expanded geographically to cover Greater Manchester, Merseyside, the Midlands and the West and South Yorkshire. We are currently expanding our provision for young people with complex and challenging behaviour by developing additional rural projects in Bury and Staffordshire. 10 of our current 29 Homes are rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

We are a Developmental Member of 'Community of Communities' with in-house qualified and registered Therapists (Art Psychotherapist, Play Therapist and CBT Therapist and several staff under supervised therapeutic training.

Our Behaviour Modification Framework is BILD Accredited

Care Today offers :-

  • Short-term assessments (with/without psychological/psychiatric input).
  • Planned and focussed work with abused children.
  • Medium/Long-term placement (with/without family work).
  • Preparation for fostering
  • Remands.
  • Family support service (to maintain home base)
  • One-to-one projects/tracking schemes.
  • Education (supported by our Residential Special School)
  • Crisis respite, including programmes offered by our AALA Outdoor Pursuits Team


The major principles underlying the Children Act about partnership with parents, involvement of children and those with parental responsibility in decision making, proper planning and review, the right to make representations and so on, apply equally to residential situations.

We agree! We need to move away from institutions populated by often disaffected children to family living situations where individuals have value. Children in care should, where possible, live as part of the community. Currently, too often, the process of care excludes the child from home, school and the Community.

A ‘systems’ approach will not work. Individual support and relationship-building has more chance of success. Children in care have a right to be seen as children first and to have access to the same support systems as children in the community. The emphasis must be on family, where possible, or an appropriate substitute family. We must recognise the impact of structures on the lives of children in care and not scapegoat the child for a negative reaction to often inappropriate placements dictated not by their needs but by other priorities e.g. resources.

We believe that effective therapeutic intervention must be based on a secure and positive living situation. Meaningful relationships and consistent support must be a priority. Our aim is to:-

  • Take the child’s perception as our initial focus.
  • Offer positive intervention and support in addition to behaviour modification.
  • Prioritise the maintenance or reconstruction of family networks, where appropriate.
Supporting Home

Range of provision

We see children and young people as individuals. The placement should fit the child, not the other way round. Therefore we provide an extensive network of placements to meet the diverse needs of the individual.

Care Today's provision includes:-