Residential units

Our ideal is to create ‘family’ groups in small houses (largest 6 beds). An extended age range(5-17) is preferred, although we realise this is not always practical or possible. NMS 5.7 is applied when considering admissions to ensure proper "matching". Small group size and an extended age range allows a more flexible and realistic approach to everyday living and disruptive behaviour than a larger group of problematic adolescents. Too often children are moved on (‘rejected’) because of the effect of their disruptive behaviour on the group. Our aim is to avoid creating a structure that places the management of behaviour at its centre.

Where possible, children are placed and supported in mainstream education or other Local Authority provision. In our registered homes, where there is no alternative, education can be provided. Ideally, this is short-term and directed towards a return to mainstream. This educational support can be individual or group based and is co-ordinated by our approved residential special school in line with the joint DfES/DOH Guidance, "The Education of Young People in Public Care".

Residential Living